“Nasal congestion and defluvium can be caused not only by viruses, but also by allergens. And Polinol can be helpful in this case.

Polinol is German natural non-hormonal drug used to treat and prevent (!) allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis.

Polinol has anti-allergic, anti-edematous, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory effect and reduces increased secretion in sinuses.

Polinol helps to eliminate tearing, conjunctival redness of eyes, sneezing, itchy nose and nasal congestion and reduces nasal secretions.

Polinol, unlike antihistamines, does not cause drowsiness and does not impair reaction and concentration.

It is recommended to start Polinol at the first signs of allergic rhinitis, and proceed until complete removal of symptoms or until the end of allergy season.

To prevent allergic rhinitis exacerbations, it is recommended to take Polinol one month before and during the entire blossom period, which is likely to cause allergies. Polinol is approved for use in adults and children from 1.

Polinol – free breathing without sneezing!”