For the first time in Serbia: Course in homeopathy for pharmaceutical employees


Within the spirit of a 10 year anniversary of the presence of homeopathic drugs of the manufacturer Deutsche Homeopatie Union (DHU) in Serbian pharmacies, since October 2017, a one year education of pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians regarding the homeopathy knowledge has begun.


Homeopathy is a complementary branch of medicine. It uses small doses of medicinal substances, elaborated by a special technology with the purpose to stimulate the physiological processes in the organism, which lead to healing.

It first took place in Germany, at the end of XVIII century and due to its’ efficiency and safety it was transmitted all over the world.

In our country, homeopathy is recognized by the Ministry of Health since 2006. That is why 15 different experts from the field of medicine, pharmacy and homeopathy, most of them members of the Serbian Medical Association, have been speaking of the basic laws of homeopathy, the principles of treatment, raw materials used for production of homeopathic medicines, the way of elaboration, use and other interesting topics.

The experience, derived from the everyday medicinal practice was shared with the pharmacists from Belgrade, Kragujevac and Sabac by the pediatricians, pulmonologists, otorhinolaryngologist, immunologists and allergologists.


After completing the IV module of DHU Academy, in the 70 Belgrade pharmacies, 4 pharmacies from Kragujevac and 1 pharmacy from Sabac, you can notice the stickers with the label Homeopathy Counselor while pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians will have special markings on their uniforms. There, the citizens will be able to obtain the information regarding the homeopathic medicines which could be found in the pharmacy, their effects, safety and use limitations, while soon a phone line will also be available for any kind of information or additional explanation.

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